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Corruption and bribery incl. conflict of interest
Someone bribes or is bribed. A third party is offered or granted an advantage in breach of duty or an unreasonable advantage is accepted or demanded by taking advantage of one's own official position. 

Abuse of a position of trust in the company with the aim of enjoying a material or immaterial advantage to which there is no legally justified claim.
  • Conflict of interest (a person/company is entangled in multiple interests that potentially corrupt that person's/company's motivation or decision-making. For example, when an employee's personal interests conflict with the company's interests and the company suffers harm as a result).
  • Invitation of or by business partners with the appearance of wanting to influence a business relationship.
  • A business partner gives an inappropriate gift to the company employee who decides on the award of a contract so that he or she and his or her company are favored
  • Employee pays money to an official so that the official will issue a permit more quickly

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